I’ll still fly Malaysia Airlines!!

My heart goes out to everyone affected by the latest Malaysian airlines tragedy. Anyone losing someone this way is beyond me on how they will cope. I pray that they’ve the patience to endure this time of pain and sorrow.

Malaysia has a very special place in my heart. It is like home to me. When I first got to know about news that a second plane crashed, I really thought it was a joke. “You’re kidding me right?” was the undertone of my reaction for the first few minutes as I really couldn’t accept the odds of a second plane, carrying around 300 people, crashing again.

Today I’m rallying in support of Malaysia and Malaysian Airlines (MAS). What has happened today could have happened to any airline. And this act of terrorism is having an adverse affect on the families of the deceased, the employees of MAS and an entire nation, that are starting to be associated with negative connotations of bad luck and a failing airline carrier.

Malaysia is one of most the beautiful countries in the Southeast Asia and their airlines and pilots (MAS and AirAsia) are one of the most safest and experienced in the world. For this cause I would like everyone out there to show their support in anyway possible to the airlines and the nation. 

Go buy a ticket on a MAS flight, go ahead and don a QPR jersey, tell your friends, friends of friends, no matter where they are, that Malaysia and her airlines are safe and don’t let anyone tell you different and stop you from visiting such beautiful country.