I really don’t know what to say on this post.

I have gone through some pretty interesting phases in my life in the past few weeks. Learned quite a few things about myself, and probably tested what I can or cannot comprehend in terms of emotions and feelings.

The best thing so far about how I’m feeling right now is that I’ve learned to forgive on a level that I wouldn’t normally know how to deal with. Usually I would always try to find a reason or even get back at what formerly made me feel the way I felt. But when it settles in and you realise that there is no better way to feel good about yourself, other than conceding that you’ve been true to yourself and to those you care about so much.

At one moment, someone made me feel that I was giving myself away too much. In retrospective, I really don’t mind. Because I know who to go to that last mile for, those who deserve it know for a fact that they will do the same for me - when they could.

I have a lot to look forward to, and I mean a lot

And I’m extremely grateful to what I have, no matter how fucking small.

I’m very happy with life right now.